Who We Are

Welcome to Virtus-Business Corporation, Inc. We are a management consultant and value-added reseller of services focused on assisting medical practices, virtually or in the Chicagoland area. We offer a network of professionals in various industries to help connect them to you and enhance your business. While our current focus is in healthcare, we offer operations consulting for small to medium-sized companies to help with supply chain optimization, operation management, culture development, and strategy consultation. Our staff has worked with companies not only in healthcare but information technology, manufacturing, non-profit, and health & fitness industries. 

If you are interested in our services please email consulting@virtus-business.com. 

Why Choose Us?

Many businesses, such as small medical practices, need to outsource many aspects of running the business that is not part of their main area of expertise. The management team of Virtus-Business Corporation has been successful in keeping its focus primarily clinical by using outsourced partners for bookkeeping, payroll, and billing. By integrating the in-house management with the outsourced expertise we can provide the same value to other businesses particularly small and medium-sized medical practices.

Virtus-Business Corporation, Inc. is a management consultant and value-added reseller of business services focusing on the virtual medical practice: Practitioners and practices that see patients in a skilled nursing or other facilities rather than having their clinic. By being an integrated provider of bookkeeping, payroll, billing, training, and technology, we allow the medical practitioner to focus on what they do best; medicine and caring for the patient. We serve our customers with utmost dedication, recognizing that the purpose of Virtus is much more than the work we do, but about the people who we serve. We are Loyal, Creative, Trustworthy, Flexible, and Effective, always striving to be and help others become a Paragon of Virtue.

Please review some of our highlight talks on from the Virtuous Business Seminar we organized!

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