Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Strategy development

Strategic development informs the speed and direction to which your business processes, and the business as a whole, are oriented. We can help you understand your customers, identify who they are and what they need. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses you can then learn to eliminate weaknesses where possible, pivot strategy to optimize strengths. We can review and help you craft a well-defined mission, a focused purpose, and meaningful core values. We also provide executive coaching.

Culture development

Having a mission, purpose, and core that are lived out is the first step to developing a healthy corporate culture. We help you create a dynamic caring culture that will reduce employee turnover and increase customer satisfaction. We can also assist in employee and customer survey creation and management, as well as developing and maintaining metrics (KPI’s). A good corporate culture sustains the business, allowing it not just to survive but to flourish.

Process Improvement

You and your team are busy doing many things. Often these processes just happen without stepping back to see both what is missing and what is not adding value. Using Value Stream mapping we can evaluate all or a subset of your processes, develop a process improvement plan, document, and help maintain these processes. Our experts in operations management, program management, product and service design and development, inventory management, database development, and Lean Six Sigma process improvement will help you eliminate waste and become more productive. Combined with a clear strategy and excellent cultural formation, the savings and earns from process improvement can be greatly extended.

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